About Us

AgriExtra: a true agricultural partner

A little history

Since its first publication in July 2003, Affaires Extra magazine has always offered a unique formula, highlighting the success of local people: farmers, businesses, inventors and visionaries! Thanks to the magazine, farmers could finally find everything they needed for their farms without wasting time. Two years later, the cover page illustrates, in each issue, a transaction between a farmer and a supplier of agricultural services or machinery: a unique formula showcasing business innovations and the contribution of farmers to the local economy, regional and global.

In 2005, the Affaire Extra website was created and now makes it possible to find agricultural machinery, equipment and services online. It's quick and easy with Business Extra!

After having been managed for more than 18 years by the Pinard family, it is in 2021 that the Affaires Extra company changes ownership and passes the torch to Mario Tremblay who, as a sales and business development consultant, was already a pillar of the company since 2005! While continuing the original mission, Mario Tremblay and his family breathe new life into Affaires Extra, which becomes Agriextra. Not just a magazine, not just a website, but a true Agricultural Partner doing everything possible to help agricultural companies develop their business.

Our strength: our proximity!

AgriExtra: the agency

Consulting and business strategy, Marketing and communication, graphic design, etc., the agency supports agricultural companies to develop their business and their projects!

AgriExtra: the magazine

The magazine makes it easy for farmers to browse a large directory of new and used farm machinery and equipment and farm service providers. 35,500 copies are distributed in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

AgriExtra: the website

Whether you are looking for a tractor, a milking robot, a mower or land for sale, agriextra.ca offers a large directory of agricultural ads online allowing you to sell and buy everything you need!

AgriExtra is proud to be your Agricultural Partner!